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Water Purification Through TrancePURe:

Due to climatic changes, industrial wastes & alarming levels of salinity sources like rivers, catchments and reservoir systems are under dire stress resulting in the deteriorating water quality day by day.

Due to the increased pollutants, river water is getting contaminated with dissolved impurities, bacteria and viruses. Since the rivers are not able to fulfil the drinking water demands, municipal corporations supply water from ground-wells, which generally contain high levels of dissolved impurities (Hard & Khaara water).

Most common dissolved impurities found in water are the salts of Iron, Arsenic, Fluorides, Nitrates, pesticide, insecticides, etc. Thus, the water supply which one gets in kitchen needs better purification before it can be consumed for drinking. Our purification techniques provide your family 100% pure and healthy water, free from dissolved impurities at the same time maintaining essential minerals.

Lighting Homes:

We’re also one of the leading distributors of home UPS, distributors of Luminous, V-guard, Mahindra Powerall, Microtek, Su-Kam and Exide. Under the enterprising leadership of the group of professionals, Trance Home India Services Private Limited is a trusted name in Power Backup (Home UPS) business, serving customers since 2010.

The aim of Lighting Homes and also make sure that ‘No Power Failures’ with our 24*7 power backup solutions. We feel proud to share that we are the reliable and the “best in class” distributor located in Chennai, and has achieved a tremendous growth to date due to a nearly 100% customer satisfaction and trading the best products in quality and cost effectiveness to our customers.